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Who We Are

Sanderana is a Trademarks, Designs and Copyright Consultancy founded in January 2018 by Aman Rana. Aman is a fully insured and fully qualified Trade Mark Attorney with over 8 years'experience in the field and over 7 years' experience working within the specialist teams of some of the world's most reputable brands.  

At Sanderana, we believe Intellectual Property protection should be one of, if not, the first consideration for new businesses but it is not lost on us that knowing how to navigate this complex area of the law can sometimes be a challenge. We are committed to making high-quality Intellectual Property advice, without the legalese accessible to our clients


What We Do


 - Run a Trademark Search to see if your desired Trademark is available for you to use and register 

- Coordinate global Trademark Registration for you 

- File UK and EU Oppositions

- Coordinate Assignment Agreements

- Conduct an Intellectual Property Review to devise an IP Protection Strategy for you

- Conduct an Intellectual Property Review to devise an IP Enforcement Strategy for you


Why Us?

Knowledge and experience to coordinate global Trademark Registration for your brand. 

Years spent working client-side has enabled us to quickly understand our clients' requirements and work as a proactive member of their business rather than a reactive service provider.

We pride ourselves on being a unique one-stop shop for global protection for many of our clients. 

Get in touch to see how we can help with your Trademark Registrations and Design Registrations. 

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We love talking to our clients about all things Intellectual Property, so feel free to call us on the number below to discuss your Trade Mark requirements. 



Sanderana, Floor 2, The Office - South Wing, Manor Royal, Crawley, RH10 9AD


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